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Design your process with the customer journey map

Use the customer journey map to design a process from a user point of view. Use images to describe your process, and it will become easy for your collaborators to understand the different steps. You can split your procedure into phases; you can describe each action, related goals, and link to external documents if you need to go deeper. The app allows you to export all the journeys into a well-designed PowerPoint, or you can choose to share a public link by e-mail or chat. Use it to describe any process, from collaborators to customer journeys.

“ The context of COVID-19 forces us to change a lot of our internal processes. We use the customer journey map tool to redesign it. Plus, it is now easier to communicate with the public link, and everyone is in love with the new design. ”

Frédéric Barillon, Transformation Leader Crédit Agricole

Customer Journey Map

Describe each step of your service from the user's viewpoint.

Design your process