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Combine pictures of a user context in a moodboard

Making a persona requires getting real user’s insights from the field. You can do interviews or uses observations. It means that you need to meet real users to ask questions and understand their context and environment. As you capture verbatims, you can also take photos to share with your team and create a common vision of the user’s context. In that perspective, you can design a moodboard to build a wall of inspiration. Thus, it would help if you combined a persona with a moodboard of their context. It will be an excellent start to think from a user perspective.

“ We went to meet vets in their clinics to understand our users. What we saw there was very different than we expect. We needed to share that with our team, who didn't know the user context. Making a moodboard helped share reality visually. ”

Bruno Ballester, Digital Project Manager Mars


Images, colors, quotes, drawings… translate your idea into a visual brief.

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