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A fresh new air to your meetings with our Live poll

Engage your audience with stunning poll experiences that makes their opinion shine. Facilitate debates, ease decision making.

Sondage en direct

Livepoll - When should I use it?

Conférence avec un sondage en direct

At a conference

Launch polls in live to energize your conference and truly connect with your audience. This is an efficient way to make your pitch more engaging and get feedback on the topic you cover. You can also use the Livepoll app by the end of your presentation under the form of a playful Q&A experience.

Une équipe fait un sondage lors d'une réunion

During a meeting

We designed this tool to make teamwork more efficient and fun, whether you are in the office or working from home. All participants access the same level of information and can exchange and react live. This is a new way to brainstorm and share opinions!

un groupe effectue un sondage en direct en répondant par sms

Within a focus group

Do you wish to lead a qualitative study on your next product? Use Livepoll to ask questions to your user board in a simple way. Encourage interaction, unlock key debates and catch your panel’s attention throughout the whole session.

Une personne effectue un sondage en télétravail


You can use our app for all your remote meetings: video conferences, webinars, etc. Make and maintain bonds between all participants by providing a conversation format that feels different, an experience that transform tough debate into smooth talks. Virtually, everything is possible!

Livepoll - How does it work?

1. Create your questions in a few clicks

We made a tool so easy to use that it gives complete freedom to your creativity. Step by step, you will build a remarkable poll experience tapping into a wide variety of questions type : open-ended question, multiple choice, rating scale.

Créer un sondage en direct
Partager un sondage

2. Share

Embed the form into your presentation and share it, live, with your meeting participants.

3. Answer by sms

A phone number appears on the screen. With a simple SMS, participants can now share their opinion.

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Émoji content vert

4. Get live results

The results of the questions appear in live on the screen, all participants can exchange and react in real time.

Credit Agricole

“We simply love the Livepoll app. We use évolt during our weekly meetings to make sure that every team member’s voice has a chance the be heard.”

Isabelle Broquedis, Crédit Agricole


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