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Create customizable questionnaires in two clicks.

Easily get live feedback during your events and meetings.

Collect feedback on a post-it wall without having to create an account.


Collect notes, ideas in 2 clicks. Export your data instantly

Engage your meeting participants by providing them with a fun tool to express their opinions. By facilitating exchanges, you simplify decisions.

Wall (Brainstorm)

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How does it work?


1. Create

Create the wall in just 1 click. Copy the sharing link and send it to your audience through the channel you want.


2. Collect

Participants can post content on the wall without having to create a user account. It's anonymous and free.


3. Tag

Process content as it arrives on the wall. Create tags and filter your data easily. Export when you're done.

Wall - How does it work?

Collect by SMS

Thanks to our SMS feature, your audience can send their comments on the wall directly by SMS without installing any application. It's simple, fast and efficient.

Ajouter vos idées par sms

Vote on ideas

Bring up what's important to your users. Everyone can vote on the ideas of others. Single or multiple votes, it's up to you to choose according to your use. Then sort your ideas by the most liked.

Votez sur le brainstorm

Tag your content

Organize your audience's ideas and comments with our tagging system. Then filter the content easily to make better decisions.

Taguez vos idées

Post anonymoulsy without connexion on the platform

Everyone who has the link to the wall can participate without having to create an account to post an idea. It's easy and free for everyone.

Export your content in one click

Need to make a quick report? We propose you to download your content in a power point already formatted and fully editable. Otherwise, you can use the excel option with raw data.

brainstorm preview application wall

At least three good reasons to use the wall evolution


Create a wall in less than 30 seconds, literally. Share it just as quickly by just copying the share link.


Just the right features for a smooth and intuitive experience. Both for the creator and the responder.


Generate engagement with your audience and simply capitalize on high value-added content to advance your team, your customers, your prospects...


“I love the wall, it's super easy to create, but more importantly the people who contribute don't have to log in to share ideas. It's simple and intuitive.”

Angelo Blot, Lono


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