“ Everyone has the capacity to become a designer. When having the right approach at hand and adopting the right state of mind, you can achieve great things. This book offers you both the knowledge and mental frames to succeed. ”

Jonathan Scanzi, CEO of évolt

What’s inside?

  • The pillars of the design thinking mindset
  • Full methodology explained with tangible actions to take
  • Beautiful illustrations & inspiring quotes
  • Serie of tips and concrete examples
  • A toolbox of 180+ tools to exploit

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Spread the design thinking mindset

It is extremely challenging to encourage people to use new practices and collaboration modes at work. If you are an organization, this book is a tangible means to create much more proximity between the design thinking approach and your teams. It will stand as an invitation for anyone to dig into it and look up for inspiration, at any time.

The Largest database on design thinking tools

We have referenced 180+ design thinking tools and techniques to leverage for your project. Filtered by phase, complexity level, utility, etc. Are you ready for it? It’s huge…

“ Design Changers is a remarkable guide for teams who want to learn design thinking and apply it with rigor. It's an invaluable resource for organizations seeking to give teams more autonomy and empower them with innovative ways of working. ”

Ryan Van Winkle, Founder & Business Designer

An ecological printing process

We have chosen the path of craftsmanship and are delighted to collaborate with Fernand to do so. Fernand uses a peculiar process called risograph printing which gives this very unique texture to the paper and is quite faultless from an ecological point of view.

Meet Fernand Dutilleux

Design Changers

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