Why you should apply for Inovexus Acceleration program?

Jonathan Scanzi

Jonathan Scanzi

27 April 2020

3 min read

In the past few weeks, évolt followed an acceleration program inside Inovexus, the first cross-border accelerator (France / USA) in France, in partnership with Crédit Agricole. Our ambition was to refine our fundraising strategy for US VC’s. We redefine our position on the market and redesign the pitch deck together. The user experience was premium. Here are a few reasons to apply for this accelerator.

Premium user experience

As I said, the user experience is fluid and quick—no waste of time, no bullshit, no friction. The application process, the contract, and the journey were pretty simple and clear. As an entrepreneur, we look for efficiency, and that’s Inovexus provides in all phases.

Multiple superpowers

Inovexus selects the right experts for your business, and your different needs, problems to solve. You got followed by people that understand you and your business perfectly. It sounds pretty obvious, but believe me, you cannot find this in every accelerator.

Want to accelerate like évolt?

Empower your business. Apply for the acceleration program at Inovexus

“Super Saiyan” level

The level of the experts is incredible. You work with people from Harvard, Big Startup in the US (CTO), VC’s, Succesful entrepreneurs…From experts to interns, everyone is smart and challenge you the right way, with accuracy, determination, and kindness.

Don’t talk; Do – This is the mindset of the acceleration program

That’s the American mindset, and I love it. Inovexus is not that kind of accelerator where you spend six months listening to expert conferences and produce nothing. No, you have a dedicated team that pushes you forward in a few weeks to deliver tangible results.

Shorter deadlines, higher velocity

The work was intense, and the speed of the program was super high—two sessions per week for six weeks. Once again, they understand that short deadlines are the best. It forces you to focus on the essential and produce things that matter. It helps you to move forward quickly.

I feel close about Inovexus because they think the same way as évolt. Maybe it comes from their US DNA, but they understand the value of Design as a key success factor for a company.

Remote? No problem

I switch my company to a remote model for one year ago. I was happy to see that the Inovexus team can work remotely with efficiency. Another thing that I love with the American people is the punctuality 😉 French people should inspire from the US behavior…

It’s hard, but you love that.

Something harder is that the training sessions were at night (9:30 pm) because of the jet lag between Paris and Los Angeles. It was difficult to combine my workday as a CEO and the acceleration at night. But You know what, I loved that, and I missed it in some way to work with those people who push you to excellence.

Design, we both love you.

Design is not just a skill; it is a mindset. I feel close about Inovexus because they think the same way as évolt. Maybe it comes from their US DNA, but they understand the value of Design as a key success factor for a company.

To conclude

The first step is over. I had to go to the United States to run a roadshow, but the COVID-19 changed the game. We now continue with the French team for the second phase. We will see what kind of opportunities we can find and take together.

I want to thank you all the team at Inovexus for this first experience. Thank you, Andre Tran, Philippe Roche, Alexandre Piarry, Christophe Louvion, Olivier Chalon, Quang Phan, Flora Coppolani, and Julien Etaix. Thank you to the Village By CA Languedoc, and my investor Sofilaro, Benjamin Bessac, and Laurent Brieu for the connexion with this great accelerator!

If you want to apply, just click here. If you want to talk about my experience, send me a message at jonathan.scanzi[at]evolt.io.

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