When your process become a storyboard

Jonathan Scanzi

Jonathan Scanzi

27 March 2020

2 min read

Process means complexity for most of us. The standard way to design is still the logical diagram: a combination of diamonds, squares, circles with multiple connections. It’s hard to deal with when you aren’t used to it or if you are not an engineer.

How can we make the process easier to read, understand, and follow?

Storyboarding is related to the entertainment industry for many people. In the design field, we use it to define the user experience. It means that we describe each step of a service from a user perspective. Airbnb did that exercise to illustrate the host and traveler’s journey. It helps everyone in the company to understand what their clients live during their trip.

Free illustrations pack

Download a free Pack of 20 illustrations to design your storyboard.

From complexity to simplicity

People need simplicity, and the image is a universal language. In that perspective, a lot of évolt users transform their process into simple storyboards. It’s quick and easy to design with experts and non-experts. By the way, it becomes to share with anyone in your organization

How can I do it quickly?

Run a workshop with your team from 1:00 to 1:30. Open a new storyboard on évolt and invite your team for real-time collaboration. Define all your steps together and refine it after the workshop if needed. Add illustrations when you have done it. Quick and easy.

We don’t say to replace Logical Diagrams with storyboards. We need both — one to go deep into details between experts, and the illustrated one to share with anyone.

Use the storyboard to train people

A storyboard is an easy way to onboard someone on a new process. You can use it during a training session, for example, to help people understand your process in a natural way.

Create your first storyboard. Try it now for free 😉

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