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Jonathan Scanzi

Jonathan Scanzi

15 March 2020

3 min read

Ok, we all work on remote and you need a strong remote design tool. It’s time to show you quickly how you can collaborate in realtime with your team, wherever your co-coworkers are in the world. First of all, you have to choose your video conference tool. We suggest you tools like zoom, whereby or bluejeans from Adobe or Google hangouts. Now you can see everyone in your virtual room; let’s see what you can do with évolt.

Prepare your workspace

Go on the évolt platform and create a folder. Invite all your teammates in this folder, and they will see it instantly in their workspace as a shared folder. You can invite them as a viewer, editor, or admin. Every file you will create in this folder, all your team will have access instantly. Almost magic! If you are a freemium user, share your file only.

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One brainstorming app, multiple possibilities

With our brainstorming app, everyone can add an idea easily on a virtual wall. You can vote on ideas, and sort them by tags. At the end of the session, you can export them in a PowerPoint. Yes, a well-designed PowerPoint that you can add or modify in your presentation. Ok, we save you 2 hours or more with that feature 😉

The second screen on the video is another user 😉

And if you have the SMS option activated. Participants send a message text to this number with their phone and “boom” it appears instantly on the wall anonymously.

How users use our brainstorming in our remote design tool? 

You can classically do brainstorming. Ask people to share ideas and problems with a specific situation or context. Some of our users use it in a design sprint for a “How might we” challenge or define long term goals. Some of our clients use it at the beginning of a working session to catch the expectations of your organization and also at the end to capture feedbacks. At évolt, we also use this app to capture the feedbacks of our users. We sort the content with the tag, and we export the content to design our roadmap. Now, we let you imagine what you can do with our tools. How you use our tool? Let us know to help other users.

Take time to define your users, build your personas

Maybe you need to step back and think about your strategy with your team. Ok, it’s time to dive into a user-centered approach and think about your users. You can schedule a remote workshop with your team to design your personas. For example, you can split your team into 2 or 3 groups. Each group can work open a persona and work collaboratively on each for 30 min. At the end of the session, everyone can present it and export the content in PowerPoint. Here is a public link to discover the persona which is in the video below.

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If you don’t know what is a persona and want to discover this approach, we made a free e-book. You can download it here for free and share it with your team.

The best remote design tool to create walls of inspiration

If you’re running a design sprint, and you want to do an inspiration phase with your team, you can use the moodboard app to produce delightful inspiration walls. Users have to grab images that inspire them and drop them into our moodboard app. It creates a nice and clean inspirational Moodboard automatically. You can see an example here.

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Create storyboards to design a user experience

You can use our storyboard app in multiple contexts. For example, you can work with your team to develop a new user experience or to improve the current process in your company. Some of our users use it to redesign the user experience of their service or to rethink an employee experience. In this time where Remote work is becoming a standard, lots of Human Ressources departments define a new process to train their employees remotely.

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On this point, we worked on a drawing database to design your storyboard. You can download a free preview here. You can get more than 80 images with an annual subscription, or you can contact us for storyboarding on-demand.

Another trick to finish…let’s get shortcuts

Once you created your collaborative folder, you can also add external links to it. For example, if you made some prototypes on Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, or whatever, you can create a shortcut to your online file. You will never lose a public link in emails or slack 😉

The second screen on the video is another user 😉

You can do more on évolt like the Business Model Canvas or design an emotion map . It’s now time to test for free. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific needs or questions.

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