What is a Persona? Let’s be simple

Jonathan Scanzi

Jonathan Scanzi

26 November 2019

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Whether you are a designer, marketing expert, innovation manager, or web developer, we are all focused on designing solutions for our clients/users. Solving the problem from the end-user standpoint is fundamental to provide relevant and necessarily innovative solutions.

Persona allows you to identify the customer’s profile, habits, frustrations, expectations, constraints, and other essential information, to develop realistic solutions, based on the wishes of the user in its reality.

How can we define it?

The Persona is a fictional representation of a group of targeted users. The portrait of the « user » defines its main characteristics; personality, constraints in life, frustrations, desires, and all that can help understand who he is. It’s a real exercise of empathy that consists of putting yourself into the user’s shoes.

I keep my Personas in mind to help achieve my project conception. The Persona can be considered as a « note for self » to be reminded throughout the project. This to keep the concrete link between the field and the users within the frame of the project.

What is the use?

This methodology is used in particular within a user-centric approach to profile The « target » users. It helps keep in mind who we are designing for. It is a powerful tool for a project team that will be able to build a common and shared vision of the targeted user of a product or a service.

When can we use the Persona?

It is possible to build a Persona at an early stage of the project, using the defined hypotheses and the knowledge of the users. Then validation of the first conception happens by going on the field: to interview
users, lead focus groups, etc. This refines the Persona, which becomes more and more realistic and fair throughout the project, based on data collected on the field. This ‘note for self’ allows to always keep in mind the user and its various dimensions during each phase of the project.

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