We are launching the moodboard

Jonathan Scanzi

Jonathan Scanzi

27 October 2019

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the moodboard app. An app to share visual inspiration with your team. I’m personally very excited by this new app because it is fun and very intuitive for non-creative people. It is a perfect example of our ambition to make the design approach accessible to everybody.

Organize, present, and share visual inspiration

Inspiration comes from anywhere, and an idea could pop at any moment. The trigger could be a visual, a sound, a taste, anything. Most of us don’t pay attention to those little details that will bring us brilliant ideas. But the best way to do it in the digital age is to collect visual inspiration by taking photos in different contexts or get it from websites. The moodboard app will help you organize, present, and share your visual inspiration.

What is a moodboard?

A moodboard is a collection of abstract or composite images, objects, expressions, or words used to express the style chosen for the development of a creative idea (concept, product, advertising, design, etc .). It can be used by a creative person or a designer to show the orientation or thematic universe of its creative work. It can also be used to guide the work of a team to establish a common creative base.Let’s focus on content, not design.

Our ambition was to design an app for non-creatives.

We saw the composition step as a pain point for lots of users who don’t have design skills. It’s quite easy for us as designers to compose a mood board, but for lots of people, designing a good visual composition is a headache. We intended to facilitate this part for all non-creative people by automating this step.

We experimented by working on a generative grid that proposes different compositions of images. All that you have to do is say what the most important thing is that you want to show, and we scale the image bigger.

When to use the mood board?

We design a mood board during the ideation phase of the design process.

Create a design brief for your team

You want to redesign your website, and you want to share inspiration with your design teams. Collect screenshots of sites that you like, put them into a new mood board, and share it easily with your team so that your ideas align. It can be interface, typography, picture, colors, or anything you want that expresses your vision of what you want to do.

But we can hack it and use it in different parts of the creative process. For example, we can use it in user’s exploration.

Exploration: user research

Imagine that you go on the field to explore your user context. You take pictures of their environment, their different tools, and all the data that could help you to understand their pain points and uses.

You come back with a lot of pictures that you want to share easily with your team. That’s the perfect moment to go on the moodboard to present your research work. Collect and share your moodboard like a designer!

Test it and share with us

It’s up to you to find ideas and uses of the moodboard. Don’t hesitate to share with us your experience. Test it now!

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