Now, share and get comments on your files!

Jonathan Scanzi

Jonathan Scanzi

27 October 2019

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Collaboration is the epicenter of an innovative project. The success of that kind of project is your ability to gather a multidisciplinary team around the same vision and objective. Involving the end-users in the process is a key success factor.

With that perspective, everybody needs to be involved in each step of the design process, from ideation, conception, prototyping, and user testing.

As a design tool, we need to help you work collaboratively with your team, clients, and users. That’s what we are currently working on. So, we are proud today to launch our first collaborative feature.

Now, share your work via a public link

You can now share your document via a public link. Protect it with a password, if you need it. Just copy the link, share it in an e-mail or instant messaging app, and get feedback from your team, client, and users through comments and emojis.

We wanted to test emoji

It’s not easy for everybody to formulate comments, so we included some emojis to help people interact easily. Sometimes, you just have feelings about something. Emojis are our answers in this particular context.

Let’s do some user testing?

Comments will be the first level of users test. Imagine that you design the storyboard of your idea, and you want to test it with real users. Just send them the link of your storyboard, with some context around your idea, and get clear feedback with comments and emojis.

And what’s next?

We are in the first stage of collaboration. It is just a start. We will work in the next month to improve the collaboration on the platform, from team interaction to user tests. Let’s begin the cooperation.

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